Repair prices

repair-prices2Unlike some of our competitors we believe in acting fairly and NOT ripping people off.

Before we start on your repair we’ll give you a Quotation to get your phone repaired. Sometimes we may need to see the phone, sometimes we don’t need to. For example – if you call us and ask “how much is it to repair the screen on my iPhone 4” we can give you a quote for that immediately. However if you called and said “my phone isn’t switching on any more” then this would be a lot more difficult to price without seeing the device.

In these circumstances we offer a FREE DIAGNOSTIC INSPECTION SERVICE. This is how the free diagnostic works:

  • You bring the phone to us
  • We’ll have a quick look at the unit (usually 10-20 minutes is enough) and tell you what we think is wrong and a price to repair
  • You give us the go ahead, or ask for the unit back


To get a price for your repair you can click the link below, answer 4 quick questions:

  1. make+model
  2. fault+details
  3. your name
  4. your email address

Price my Phone Repair

We’ll get back to you by email within 4 working hours with a quotation for repair.

Any questions in the mean time – just get in touch.